Double the Prayer Challenge

We recently discovered Joshua Project's daily (or weekly) email featuring a different unreached people group every day. Currently, 510 people subscribe to these regular prayer reminders. This is a great start--but for something as important as prayer for the unreached, it is surprising the list is not in the thousands!

How can we help Joshua Project DOUBLE the number of subscribers?
For us, the answer to this question led to the creation of this page. We decided to share the challenge with friends and encourage others to do the same. We are excited about the idea of seeing the number praying for the unreached via these emails double! We plan on celebrating each new subscription by making a corresponding $1 donation to Joshua Project's ministry (up to $510 total).

Will you help reach the goal?

  1. Signup for the "Unreached People of the Day" email .
  2. Pass the challenge on to others in your own way. Make a post, send a tweet, send emails, make a call, or do something else.
  3. Consider making a celebratory contribution in support of Joshua Project's ministry when the goal is reached too!

We're keeping an eye on the current number of active subscribers and will chart progress toward the goal here as well.

Expecting Great Things from God,

The Armstrong Family

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Last week I teached on

Last week I teached on missions and unreached people groups in Kullu (Himachal Pradesh - India) Only 3 students had an e-mail adress but all 3 of them sign up to receive the daily Joshuaproject mail... I challenged them to multiply!!!

Thanks for this initiative... bless you,

Rudi, Asha and Liza for the UPG's of North India and beyond.

This is one of the best ways

This is one of the best ways I can help in promoting prayer for the unreached people groups.

I'm so excited when I hear

I'm so excited when I hear about people praying for unreached people groups. I will be coordinating one of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement classes starting in January 2010 and plan to promote this to the students. God bless your efforts to reach the lost.
Blessings, Dan

I think it's a wonderful

I think it's a wonderful idea! I've been praying daily for the unreached but instead of getting an email, I just go to their website each day. Hopefully there are others like me which would make the numbers larger. I will pass this on!

Great. I'm re-tweeting it.

Great. I'm re-tweeting it. See if I get some hits and can get others to sign up.

Other Middle East Prayer points.

I think this is an excellent

I think this is an excellent idea! I am signed up and will be posting about it on two of my blogs!

Keep up the good work, my friends!